A Bright Future Ahead
June 11th 2017

Puns ahoy.

Welcome to the (under construction) new site of Team Future, a WoW team focused on hardcore progression while sharing our journey through streaming. Although there wasn't much time prior to the release of ToS, we've managed to get everything running and ready to go. However, visions and aspirations of the guild extend well beyond ToS. This is a home we're building for the long run. The website will have many more elements coming, but we needed something functional and presentable with a quick turn around since ToS is just around the corner.

If you're looking to apply please use the Apply link at the top of the home page, that form will be submitted for review. Feel free to hang out in our forums (more coming) and if you have any requests such as UIs from some of the raiders, feel free to ask.

We're hyped for ToS release and progression, get ready to bang!

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